To be honest, the language does not turn under the name of this device “homemade”. However, this is true, since the FMC Storm (based on the famous BMW R NineT) is the brainchild of Wayne Byse and his company FabMan Creations, which is housed in his home garage in the South African port city of Gkeberha, Wayne automatically builds to order individual motorcycles.

It is worth noting that Bays created his Storm without even resorting to sketches, computer graphics and other constructs? Moreover, he developed a special metalworking structure, which was useful to him in the manufacture of an aluminum body, fuel tank, wings and exhaust pipes from a sequential cycle.

FMS Storm

Shit concentration The motorcycle collects, makes the designer. The casing is attached to the inside of the fuel tank with a lock nut around the casing. Under the seat is another mount.

FMS Storm

All body panels are interconnected using the highest hex plates. The air intake system provides reliable cooling of the engine and brakes. one cooling fan with electronics under the tank, located on the surface of the touch panel to remove air from the running engine.

On the precaution of mass production for the production of the storm ein o o o, what d · does this require serious funding?

FMS Storm

Source: Tech Cult

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