Number portability is a feature that allows mobile phone users to use their numbers when changing operators, From April 24, there will be one more step: confirmation by SMS.

According to Anatel’s announcement this Thursday (20), the change will start with individual users of DDD 64 used in some cities in the state of Goiás, but will gradually expand to other locations.

Number portability service has been available in Brazil since 2008 and must be requested directly by the user. As soon as you request a transfer with the new telecommunication service operator, portability must be done within three business daysor after that, if the user requests an extension of the deadline.

How will portability work with SMS confirmation?

With the new step, the customer who requests the porting of his mobile phone number will receive an informative message on the screen of his device and a text message confirming the request to change operator. This SMS must be answered within 30 minutes for portability to take effect..

If the client does not respond to the message within this time, the migration is interrupted. To resume, the consumer must contact the operator for which he requested portability, and ask you to send a new message via SMS for confirmation.

Even if you answer “YES” to the confirmation SMS, the customer can cancel the transportation. For this, by calling the service provider you request portability, up to one business day before the expected transition datethat the entire process is aborted.

Source: Tec Mundo

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