Vkusvill, in partnership with TrashBack, has launched “subbotniks” – for garbage collection in parks, forests and streets, the company will accumulate bonuses, which can then be spent in any Vkusvill store.

Vkusvill will begin to accumulate bonuses for the collection of garbage in the streets and parks

You can take out the trash every day. To receive bonuses, you must install the TrashBack app, take a picture of a bottle, can, bag of chips, and other discarded trash on the ground, and then the same package in your bag or container.

After moderation, 2.5 ecoins will be credited for each container (you can receive up to 500 ecoins per month in total), they can be exchanged for bonuses (1 ecoin = 1 bonus) from VkusVill. You can spend bonuses at any store or online.

You can collect any waste, but there is a limitation: only large garbage will be counted. The waste can be thrown into a normal garbage can or taken to a recycling center.


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Source: RB

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