Therefore, 80% of the respondents are aware of the need for special equipment such as glasses or helmets for VR, while 60% are aware that a smartphone is enough to use AR technologies.

The study also showed that people know the difference between these technologies: VR allows you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world, while AR combines the real and virtual worlds, for example, to try on clothes in an online store or interact with book characters. .

In addition, 84% of survey respondents believe that working in immersive technologies offers great opportunities for creativity and imagination. 54% stated that they had high earnings in this field, 34% said it was prestigious, and 30% appreciated the possibility of an unpaid study programme.

At the same time, for 29% of respondents, the prospect of opening their own business in the field of immersive technologies is attractive, and 27% say that there are already many offers in the labor market from employers.

Source: Ferra

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