The idea of ​​creating a PISTOLet that only its owner can shoot from is already approaching summer, but it still hasn’t come to fruition.

Recently, however, Biofire Technologies has introduced a 9mm Biofire smart pistol with an electronic identification system that “authorizes” only the owner.

Previous approaches to the creation of smart weapons, as a rule, limited the installation of an electromechanical bomber that was “opened” by serious keys – for example, an RFID tag, a smart watch, a magnetic ring. Their common drawback is the possibility of losing the key or a technical failure.

Biofire Pistol

Unlike them, Biofire is back on the sidelines, ending up in the wrong hands. The design of the biometrically-patented device Guardian is branded in the system of non-identification of third parties. The gun then returned “recognizes” its owner and is ready to fire as soon as he picks it up.

In order for the weapon to be in constant combat readiness and safe for others, it must be adjusted to the tune of the tune of many users. The Biofire smart pistol is already on sale in the US for $1,500, just like a conventional firearm. weapon.

Source: Tech Cult

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