The MIT Technology Review reported on the birth of two children who were conceived by a robot. An inexperienced engineer used a device that included a microscope, a needle, a petri dish, and with the help of a PlayStation controller, carried out the fertilization process.

Two babies were born into the world, conceived with the help of a robot

The first children conceived with the help of a robot appeared in the world. The MIT Technology Review writes about this, the process of working with the robot is also described in a scientific journal.

Last year, a mechanical engineer from startup Overture Life performed the egg fertilization process. For this he used a robotic device whose components are a Petri dish, a mechanical needle and a microscope. The engineer controlled the process directly using a PlayStation controller.

Patients involved in robotic insemination became pregnant and had girls this year. The publication clarifies that in both cases the roboinjection included donor eggs. After fertilization, they were implanted in the uterus of the patients.

An IVF procedure in the US costs around $20,000. The scientists hope that using their technology will reduce the cost of artificial insemination.

Startup Overture Life is working in the US. Since its founding in 2017, it has attracted a total of $45 million in investments, according to Crunchbase.


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