Ecuadorian architects from the city of Quito port-port area of ​​27.5 square meters. m into a full-fledged house, with comfortable compact multifunctional furniture. In a seemingly tiny apartment with comfort link The house was built in such a way that it would be easy to prepare from the wardrobe to the home office; from the pantry in the kitchen; from the living room to the dining room; from workplace to yoga.

Internal project

The project of domestic setting of its goal is convenient to create a house with s s s s s s sed To do this, the architects divided the interior into two parts: a bright, multi-purpose open-plan living space and two floor-to-ceiling built-in units with places for things, casually in everyday life.

Internal project

Blocks of space in seconds that transform the living space A full kitchen is hidden behind a sliding door, a fold-out table is attached to the bottom of a pull-out bed, there is a laundry room and bathroom, as well as a library and closet. The spacious outdoor storage includes a metal ladder that can be moved around the u-ESSES Each moder is organized along a short

The apartment is homely – an example of how compactness, including with innovative architecture and design of the river.

Internal project

Source: Tech Cult

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