According to the expert, this phenomenon is not typical for the latitudes of the Volga region, and especially for Tatarstan, where auroras are observed in March and April. The glow is caused by strong flashes on the Sun, causing strong magnetic storms on Earth that cause ionization of the upper atmosphere, and charged particles are attracted to our planet’s north magnetic poles.

But even at latitudes that are not peculiar to the aurora, this phenomenon can be observed due to the strong ionization of the atmosphere. Moreover, not only the inhabitants of the Volga region, but also Central Russia could see the radiance.

If we leave aside all the myths about Aurora, it turns out that there is nothing mystical about her. However, some temporary confusion can occur in weather-dependent people.

Maybe someone has encountered such a phenomenon as “measuring”. In this case, people experience an irresistible desire to go in a certain direction – mostly north. And any attempt to keep those trying to go north has met with desperate resistance. This phenomenon was called arctic rabies. But the most terrifying attacks of arctic rabies are manifested by flashes of red.

Modern medicine confirms both this phenomenon and, in general, the depressing effect of the aurora borealis on the body.

Source: Ferra

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