One In international operation, 288 people were arrested on suspicion of selling drugs on the dark web. One person was arrested in the protest, which was attended by nine countries, including Brazil.

According to Europol, more than 50 million euros (about R$277 million at current exchange rates), 850 kg of drugs (amphetamine, ecstasy, LSD and cocaine) and 117 firearms were seized from the suspects.

With the operation called “SpecTor”, the drug sales platform “Monopoly Market”, which has been on the air since 2019, was closed. Police and judges from Brazil, England, Switzerland, Austria, France and the USA participated in the action. , Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

“Our coalition of law enforcement on three continents is proving that we are all better when we work together. “This operation sends a powerful message to criminals on the dark web: international law enforcement has the tools and capability to hold you accountable for your illegal activities, even on the dark web,” said Catherine De Bolle, Europol Executive Director.

Despite the arrests, it is promised that the operation will not end as the investigations continue. Authorities say they have access to a list of drug buyers and suppliers and therefore, people from all over the world can still be judged.

Source: Tec Mundo

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