The first images of she is the hulkdiscovered in the trailer for the series, brought back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe a character that has been with him since the beginning: Bruce Banner and his alter ego Hulk. The relationship between them is given because Jennifer Walters, the main character in this story, is the superhero’s cousin.

This familial relationship makes it easy for Bruce Banner to help her in the comics. It is produced by a blood transfusion after she has suffered an accident. This contact with the Hulk’s blood gives Jennifer Walters the genetic characteristics to later transform into She-Hulk. In parallel, she is also practicing law.

This professional path could bring her closer to meeting Daredevil, something justified in the comics. However, it is the relationship with the Hulk that may inform the management that will be carried out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with these characters presenting themselves from the very beginning. cinema And they are still part of history.

“Classic” characters, She-Hulk
and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

During the Infinity Saga, with events such as Avengers: Infinity War D Avengers: Endgame, several references were combined as they gradually moved in and out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chief among these are Iron Man and Captain America, who are no longer in the story (at least not in their most famous form) and Thor, who will have a new movie this year.

There is a second line of characters consisting of Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk who lose weight in the narrative. The first two have completed their cycles and Bruce Banner will be back for a while. she is the hulk position yourself as a kind of mentor Jennifer Walters, while it is undergoing a number of drastic changes. The scientist seems to be focused on his experiments and self-control rather than other types of conflict. This can be interpreted as a kind of digression.

This opens up the possibility that many of the second level characters that were introduced in the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have the same mentor or sponsor roles as the new generation of heroes introduced. The story of Black Widow and Hawkeye confirms their understanding. In his case, the film about the first served to present Elena Belova while the second series introduced Keith Bishop.

Has the meaning?

Hulk en el Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel She-Hulk
Hulk can retreat in series She-Hulk

This question is not easy to answer, but it is logical if you look at it from a narrative perspective. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding with film and television formats. Conveniently, these types of characters stay fresh in viewers’ minds..

His appearance in she is the hulk it is the link between the various phases without winking at the followers. The stories are compressed in a way that combines characters and events that appear at different times so that it works as a whole. Thus, some closure of characters is also allowed, who may have already given all their strength according to the criteria with which they are considered.

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