Experts from the Tutu travel service compiled a list of unusual dishes from different regions of Russia and told where to go to try them. We present you some of them.

Posikunchiki and fish soup with oil: a top of unusual dishes has been compiled for which it is worth going on a trip to Russia

  1. Region of permanent, posikunchiki. Meat patties, similar in shape to meatballs or small empanadas. The name appeared, probably due to the fact that the cake is very juicy – juice splashes with each bite. Or because the meat for pies is not passed through a meat grinder, but finely chopped, “chopped”.
  2. Republic of Tatarstan, Gubadiya. A cake served at weddings. The set of ingredients is as follows: dough, rice, eggs, raisins, cut cottage cheese Tatar. Sweet and abundant dish.
  3. Sverdlovsk region, Shangi. Sugar free cakes without filling. Cover with different ingredients, often potatoes. You can eat it like this, or you can eat it with soup instead of bread.
  4. Primorsky Krai, fern with mushrooms. You can only eat young shoots of fern – they are added to salads, soups and cakes. The flavor of the fern is somewhat reminiscent of mushrooms.
  5. Arkhangelsk region, roe. A traditional gift for the Pomors who lived in the Arkhangelsk province on the shores of the White Sea and the northern rivers. The word “roe” means “curl”. Gingerbread carved in the shape of animals was often baked at Christmas.
  6. Yaroslavl region, heard. The meat, usually lamb, is fried with spices, carrots and onions are cut. Then they are cooked in a pot, adding water until the meat softens and the broth is rich.
  7. Murmansk region, arctic fish soup with crab. The shell of the crab is boiled for several hours, then local herbs, cream and blackberries are added. It turns out northern soup.
  8. Republic of Ingushetia and Republic of Chechnya, chepalgash flatbread. A traditional closed flatbread among the Vainakh peoples. For cooking, you definitely need kefir, the filling can be any.
  9. Republic of Karelia, as a risk. Traditional cake stuffed with turnips, very salty.
  10. Tyumen region, ear with oil. The broth is made with various types of fish. And in some cases the black color of the ear is actually given by the high purity oil, in others a natural dye, such as cuttlefish ink, can also be used.


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