Russian specialists have developed and successfully tested a military drone called the Ghoul in the areas of distribution of the NMD, which is being tested for the class of FPV drones using special goggles. As a result, parts of the novelty parts are made using 3D printing.

The “Ghoul” is designed to carry out strikes into the depths of the enemy’s combat formations – unique flight technicians and equipment in closed and camouflaged positions, like those along broken food supply routes.

Military drone

In the case of the Ghoul weapon, they fired pellets for the RPG-7, for the PG-7VL and RKG-3M, for that matter, OFsesses of various modifications. As collectors, UPyr can quickly change characteristics in a closed position or hidden in tank terrain depots, and then hit it with a dive from working height.

The first “Ghouls” are quite indicative for themselves in the tests. Now the basic chair is being finalized, the relaying of control signals is being observed. The next batch of such drones will be created taking into account the wishes of the military personnel, their using.

Source: Tech Cult

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