Microsoft has changed the status of Windows 11 and as of now recommends updating the operating system for all users authorized to migrate platforms.

The innovation was announced this Tuesday (17) with the release of Windows 11. “designated for wide distribution” – i.e. released for the entire apt community to update. Details can be consulted on the Microsoft Build page, which also focuses on documentation and reports on the platform.

It is possible that the date was chosen due to its proximity to version 22H2 of Windows 11, a major update that will encourage different fixes and improvements to the system. The ideal, according to the company, is to do the process in the device’s own settings via Windows Update.

There it is possible to initially know whether the device has met all the prerequisites for the update, including the processor manufacture and the minimum amount of memory, among other categories.

Wide distribution does not mean a forced update, and if the user wishes, he can stay on Windows 10 for a while. Despite being considered stable, the version still has some bugs, most of which are due to incompatibilities with previous updates.

For those who want to stay on Windows 10 to avoid problems with the new version, Microsoft assures that the previous system will be supported until 2025.

Source: Tec Mundo

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