Tethering mode appeared on the iPhone since the release iOS 8.1. Option to include along the way Settings – Cellular – Tethering.

Not everyone knows the excessive possibilities and features of this mode in iOS. Now it is customary to consider the most important and useful chips.

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How to check if the hotspot is working on iPhone

You can understand that the Internet distribution mode is active on the iPhone by the indicators in the status bar.

▶ For iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max, the indicator is displayed in dynamic island.

▶ On all iPhone models with Face ID (except for last year’s flagships) the indicator will be in the clock area, and after a while the green background will be under the current time.

▶ For iPhone models with Touch ID the status texture grows and turns blue.

So you can immediately understand that one or more gadgets were connected to the smartphone.

How to set up auto-connect to iPhone on other gadgets

Other smartphones, tablets and computers automatically become available for perception on the iPhone. This will not only drain the appearance of the gadget, but also consume mobile traffic.


You can change your iPhone auto-connect settings on Mac as follows:

▶ Open System Preferences – Wi-Fi and connect to iPhone.

▶ Press More.

▶ Manage auto-connect to help with the first toggle switch.


To change the settings for auto-connect to a viewing device on an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

▶ Open Settings – WiFi and connect to iPhone.

▶ Press “I” near the active connection.

▶ Control auto connect to help with the toggle switch.

How to Change Auto Connect to iPhone Family Options

If you join the handy apple ecosystem, Family Sharing, other community tips automatically join access ads when nearby.

In the settings of your gadget, you can prohibit such a connection or restrict it for some family members.

For this health Settings – Cellular – Personal Hotspot – Family Sharing and customize the chip as you wish.

If a rule is assumed for a specific family member, then it will be valid for all devices with statistics for an Apple ID entry.

How to view consumption statistics for other gadgets

To find out which of the connected devices consumes a lot of traffic, you should go to the section with network connection statistics.

For this health Settings – Cellular and find the item Modem Mode in the list below.

The consumption of individual devices that connected to the iPhone in tethering mode will be indicated here. If, for luck, the Private Wi-Fi address option is enabled, then the gadget will not be identified in the list.

you can recognize this device by viewing it in the parameters of its connection to the expected accessibility. There will be a fake Mac address that is used for this connection.

How to see all connected gadgets in tethering mode

Keep track of active connections to your iPhone, portable portable apps from the App Store.

We recommend the free iNet utility – Network Scanner.

▶ Install the app from App Store and run it.

▶ Grant the necessary permissions to access other gadgets on the network. If you skipped this step, good luck Settings – iNet activate toggle switch The local network.

▶ Network scan done in app Internet while the access point is running.

▶ View the list of iPhones connected to your devices.

Now you know how to change settings, statistics options, and manage some iPhone settings while in access mode.

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