Apple today announced some big news for video and music creators: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro apps are now available for iPad. These professional apps include powerful features and are specifically designed to provide a “mobile studio” for content creators.

Final Cut Pro for iPad features a new touch interface that makes the editing process easier and more intuitive. Users can navigate the timeline, move clips and make precise edits with the touch of a finger. The app lets you draw and overwrite video content using Apple Pencil.

Among the features of Final Cut Pro, Apple highlights: it is possible to remove the background of a subject without having to use a green screen, use auto-crop for different formats, add sound isolation to reduce noise, and more. In both applications, it is possible to use accessories that help with editing, such as a wireless keyboard.

Logic Pro provides a complete platform for professional music production. Users can play software instruments and interact naturally with controls with Multi-Touch gestures. The app also features an all-new Sound Browser that makes it easy to discover new instrument sounds and patches.

Both apps offer advanced features for importing and exporting media, allowing users to work on projects on both iPad and Mac. In addition, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro can be integrated, makes it possible to create soundtracks directly in Logic Pro and export them to Final Cut Pro.

When will Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro be available on iPad?

Professional audio and video editors get a portable version for iPad that makes it easy to use in any environment.  (Source: Apple/Disclosure)

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro apps will be available on the App Store starting May 23. In the United States, app subscriptions will cost $4.99 (approx R$25) per month or $49 (R$250) per year with a free monthly trial month.

The video editing app is compatible with iPad equipped with M1 chip or higher. The audio editing app works on iPads with the A12 Bionic chip or later. Both tools only work on iPadOS 16.4 operating system.

Source: Tec Mundo

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