An exhibition of photos with machine learning technologies appeared in Odnoklassniki. Provides new opportunities to work with photos, illustrations, videos, and GIFs. This was reported by the press service of the social network.

Odnoklassniki launched a photo showcase with machine learning technologies

Added the ability to view archived images, as well as create new content using machine learning technologies, to the Photos section. The “Photo Selection” feature will help you quickly find the photos left after an event, grouped by date and geolocation, and upload them to your profile.

According to the company itself, users eagerly accepted the new feature: during the test run, they downloaded more than 250,000 images through such collections. The option is currently available in-app on Android, but will appear on iOS soon.

And in a separate tab “Ideas” you can experiment with your own image. To do this, we added the New Image service with deepfake technology.

In addition, the social network has updated the functions for creating digital photobooks and video clips from photos. Now his work is based on machine learning technologies. Thanks to this, you can automatically collect the best images in a slideshow.

The new photo showcase is now available in the Photos section of the OK apps on iOS and Android.

Make AI learn and improve: choose online courses from the machine learning course catalog.

The fact that the social network will launch a photo showcase was reported at the end of last year. Odnoklassniki then announced a content platform update.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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