HE Wear OS It’s been receiving special attention lately, and it’s no wonder. During the annual Google I/O conference, Google announced the long-awaited Wear OS 4, although Wear OS 3 is still rolling out. The purpose of this new operating system is to solve two problems that plague many people: lack of battery life and cloud backup.

While not yet available to consumers, the developer preview and emulator have already been released. The new version of the operating system will also bring accessibility features, convert text to speech.

Problems to be solved

With the partnership between Samsung and Google, the new version of Wear OS is expected to bring the long-awaited improvements users have been waiting for, such as a longer battery and backup in the cloud. This will fix Wear OS 3’s two biggest problems.

Additionally, Google Strengthening Play Store and adding more serviceslike Gmail and Google Calendar to your smart watch. Wear OS also integrates with smart devices in the Home app, including enhanced device controls and animated previews of camera notifications.

Other improvements include: watch facemakes it easy to create watch faces and new Tiles or widgets for apps like WhatsApp, Spotify, and Peloton. With all these changes, Google is taking one more step to solidify its position in the wearables market, the famous wearables.

Wear OS 4 has everything to take a big step forward and delight users more. Now we have to wait the next few months to learn more details about compatible devices and other surprises that Google has prepared.

Source: Tec Mundo

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