Robert Sabiryanov, co-founder of Bank for Entrepreneurs Blanc, told that receiving instant notifications from banks while making transactions is much safer than SMS.

Such notifications are sent from Apple, Google or Huawei servers and are technically difficult to intercept. In addition, the banker emphasized that attacking the services of such companies can be a very expensive operation. In addition, the one-time password sent when sending push notifications is only stored by the bank. The only danger that threatens when using them is when the phone is hacked.

The expert stated that the SMSs were sent through services in Russia. You can access the password sent through them in different ways: by blocking access to the gateway to which the notification was sent, or by issuing a duplicate card. Sabiryanov points out that push notifications from banks are one of the few ways to receive an alert from a bank abroad. The expert believes that SMS notifications are suitable for users who do not have Internet access or are not trusted.

Source: Ferra

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