A simple and very practical feature has finally been released Google Photos for AndroidAfter several requests from users, as reported by Android Police this Thursday (19). We are talking about the possibility of deleting photos directly from the album, sending them to the trash in the application of the image storage service of the search giant.

Interestingly, the feature has been available for a long time in the web version of the platform and the iOS app. But for some unknown reason, the functionality was not found in Android and it requires the user to perform some procedures to perform a simple operation. extracting photos from an album.

Before the function came, you had to select the photos you wanted to delete from the album and remove them from there. Next, the user had to search for them in the platform’s library and select the files again to permanently delete them, a long and laborious process.

This option “remove from album“As we can see in the above image shared by the publication, it still exists. But there is now also a “Move to Trash” alternative which simplifies the whole process by directly deleting the file in question.

Only works with private albums

Despite the improvement carried out silently by Google There is a limitation in the image storage service app for android that might bother you. This remove photo button for recycle bin only available on special albums, this limitation is not present in other versions of the platform.

If you want to remove a photo stored in a shared album, you have to follow the steps above, i.e. remove it first. Google Photos library then to permanently exclude it from the platform, an issue that may be fixed in the future.

Source: Tec Mundo

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