OnlyFans has over 3 million creators worldwideis asserting itself more and more as a “global business”. The data was disclosed by Ami Gan, CEO of the adult content platform, during the Rio Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month.

As the executive explained, the subscription service has seen a huge increase in the number of influencers in the last 12 months. Its subscriber base increased by approximately 40% throughout 2022, reaching the number it published in the first weeks of 2023.

Available in over 100 countries, OnlyFans wants to further expand its reach. To that end, the company plans to focus on specific regions like Australia and Latin America in the coming months, gaining more creators and subscribers in those locations.

“We see Latin America as a huge growth region for us, and we see this opportunity as an opportunity for creators to reach a global audience,” said Gan, highlighting the emphasis on users in this part of the continent. He also commented on investments in some regions of Europe with growth potential.

billionaire income

In his speech at the event, Gan announced that the application, which targets users over the age of 18, generated $932 million in revenue in 2021, which is equivalent to R$4.5 billion according to the quote of the day. The amount represents a 160% increase compared to 2020 and shows great progress.

In the same period, OnlyFans creators earned approximately US$4 billion (R$19.5 billion) as shown in financial statements published by the company at the end of last year. The report pointed to a total of 188 million subscribers at the time, 128% more than recorded in the previous year.

Source: Tec Mundo

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