Almost three and a half months ago, Microsoft added ChatGPT to the Bing search engine and it was successful. This Tuesday (16), big tech announces search bar widget with artificial intelligence for smartphones with both Android and iOS operating systems.

With the tool, users will be able to access Bing directly from the home screen. Microsoft says the chat feature will arrive later this week, making it possible to use the service even while using your favorite apps.

You can access Bing Chat directly from the widget. In addition to writing, It is possible to ask questions orally by interacting with artificial intelligence using the microphone of the mobile phone.. The tech giant is bringing the update at a time when users are excited about the mobile version of the search engine.

“We’ve been seeing an 8x increase in daily downloads since the launch of the new Bing, as people around the world are adopting the AI ​​co-pilot,” said Divya Kumar, Head of Global Marketing, Search and AI on the Bing blog. itself.

Microsoft also announced another news, such as the chat that started on the mobile phone can continue on the computer. There is also an increase in support for languages ​​other than English.Edge browser app update, Skype and Swiftkey.

“This is just the beginning of the next 100 days of Bing with AI. The next stop is at Build, where we’ll share more about how developers can leverage the Bing AI platform to expand their reach and bring new benefits to everyone across computer and mobile.” ‘, Kumar finished.

Source: Tec Mundo

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