MTS-Bank offered customers a Mir Advanced payment card at a discount instead of cashback. When paying in online stores, the discount will be 3% and in conventional stores, 1%.

MTS-Bank offered customers a discount payment card instead of cashback

Such conditions will be valid for two months, then to maintain them you need to make at least 25 purchases with the card per month, but the volume of discounts is limited to 10 thousand rubles, Kommersant learned.

Grigory Mirzoyan, head of the MTS Bank Debit Cards department, explained that the client immediately sees his benefit at the time of payment for the purchase, he does not need to track the cashback payment separately and find out why this or that amount fell. the bonus card or account.

According to market participants, the offer is unexpected and “for the novelty, you can shoot.” However, the small size of the discount and the limited use of it can neutralize the dignity of the new product. In addition, for the bank, such a scheme is more expensive than the use of cashback.


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Source: RB

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