Marvel Studios has finally shared the premiere dates for its next big series. Second seasonLokione of the most anticipated by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be available at: October 6, 2023. threw outfor its part, will arrive immediately after 29th of November. We must remember that the new God of Deception will only have 6 episodes, so these productions will not be aired together.

Undoubtedly the attention fandom It is mainly focused on season 2 Loki. Not only because his first wave of episodes was outstanding, but also because the importance his story will have in the present and future of the Cinematic Universe. Loki this opened the door to the multiverse, so that shortly after, various feature films delved into the phenomenon.

Therefore, the second season is expected to once again explore the multiverse and options for a new great Marvel villain. Kang the conqueror already performed in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, and it became clear that it would be very difficult to defeat him. Apart from his time travel abilities, his intelligence is another factor to consider. He will also have to be defeated on an intellectual level.

He distribution from the following chapters Loki It consists of Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Owen Wilson (Mobius), Gugu Embata-Row (Ravonna Renslayer), Wunmi Mosaku (Hunter B-15), Eugene Cordero (Casey), Tara Strong (Miss Minute), Sophia Dee. Martino (Sylvia) and Jonathan Majors (Victor Timely). Be wary of the latter because his recent personal scandals could rule him out of any future Marvel production.

After Lokidebuts threw out. This series spin-off Hawkeye, which introduced the character Maya Lopez. Its interpretation, by the way, is given by Alaqua Cox.

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In addition to the narrative raised around “Echo”, another attraction of the series is confirmed appearance of Daredevil and Kingpin. Yes, these characters, originally adapted by Netflix, have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and are becoming more and more important. We briefly saw Charlie Cox in Spiderman: No Way Home And Lawyer She-Hulkand Vincent D’Onofrio did the same in Hawkeye.

The case of Daredevil is even more revealing, as last year Disney announced that the hero of Hell’s Kitchen would have his own series: Daredevil: Reborn. Of course, before enjoying this production, Charlie Cox watches other series. threw out it will be next.

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