The misuse of neural network technologies can play a nasty joke on inexperienced users. This happened to Kerin Mardhori. Ona has an influencer with 2 million Snapchat posts thanks to her coolest name images. So Karin created this chatbot that would have been in her place earlier, but with quicker left-hand control.

Marjorie contracted AI networking company Forever Voices to create CarynAI. She recorded and uploaded short videos with herself to train a neural network based on GPT-4. The result was supposed to be a “virtual girl” – without appearance, unable to carry on a conversation and imitate the voice and demeanor of Marjorie herself.

For each communication with AI-Carin was supposed to be paid (1 dollar per minute), then most of the restrictions on those for conversations were removed by radiation-attracted clients. The AI ​​was supposed to be fun and moderately flirtatious, but in practice, it quickly moved to a Congress of extremely explicit topics. The AI ​​girlfriend began to unequivocally flirt with her interlocutors and provoke them into sexual contacts with erotic conversations.

Why this happened, Marjorie does not understand – or pretends not to understand, and it seems that with the programmer team she corrects the situation. It’s not clear which is the same as the right idea or the clear claim and privilege of a new audience, CarynAI has several thousand followers and has begun to generate revenue. Marjorie denies intentional sexualization of the neural network and shows that it operates on consciousness usmotortrain.

Source: Tech Cult

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