Yandex added the ability for Masterpiece app users to subscribe to each other’s updates, the company said in a statement. At Masterroom, users have been testing their own Yandex neural network since April to generate images based on text queries.

“Yandex” added to the application “Masterpiece” with its neural network subscriptions to authors

Subscriptions will show up in a separate feed. You can also send others a link to your profile. In addition, counters for likes, subscriptions and subscribers appeared on all profiles.

“A little more than a month has passed since the launch of Masterroom, but it already has many successful works with tens of thousands of likes and popular authors with recognizable series of thematic posts. <…> Now we are training the neural network on a new dataset of 500 million examples, so that in the next versions it will understand users better and the images will be even better,” said Nikolay Gavrilov, Masterpiece director.

Yandex presented a prototype of its own neural network for generating images for text queries in early April. The first version of the generative model was trained on 240 million image examples with text descriptions.

Shedevroom is reported to recognize Russian and English and is more responsive to specific requests. The neural network forms its own options using the cascading method: first, it creates a small image corresponding to the request, then gradually enlarges it and saturates it with details.


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Source: RB

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