According to Rolling Stone, Jared Mumm, a campus agriculture lecturer and rodeo instructor, claimed to use an artificial intelligence chatbot called “ChatGTP” to grade students’ work (he apparently messed up the letter here). He claimed that the bot told him that some students produced their own assignments, and then that the professor was putting their graduation at risk by leaving more than half of the class in the classroom.

However, Dr. Mumm’s claims turned out to be erroneous. ChatGPT, as the OpenAI chatbot is actually called, is not designed to detect artificial intelligence-generated material or even its own outcome.

The bot can sometimes give false information and even claim to be the author of quotes from famous novels.

Ironically, one Reddit user described ChatGPT as Dr. He decided to test a portion of Mumm’s doctoral thesis on pig production by feeding it. Bot confirmed that the professor may have created this passage, which casts more doubt on his claims.

The university is investigating the case and developing a policy regarding the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the classroom.

Source: Ferra

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