Not all Mac users know that you can get any text information on the macOS lock screen. The best use would be to write down your contact phone number or messenger account in case you lose your computer. Anyone wishing to return the device can quickly and easily contact you.

In previous versions of macOS, this could only be done through Terminaland now it is a standard feature of the perception of the system.

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How to display a message on the Mac close screen


1. Go to System Settings – Lock Screen.

2. Activate View Show message on lock screen.

3. Click the button Ask and enter the desired text.

4. Click OK to record changes.

Now, when you turn on the computer or when you get out of wait, the input screen will be set to the text specified in the parameters. If you entered your contact details, there is a chance to return it in case of loss it gets old.

If you are traveling abroad, duplicate the text in a foreign language. There is no limit on the number of characters in the application.

Source: Iphones RU

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