Meta* Corporation is working on a new text-based social network, temporarily called P92 (Project 92) or the more popular Barcelona. And it is that, according to the information of some experts in social networks, next month the company will be ready to present the current analogue of Twitter.

Meta*’s Twitter analogue may be released next month

Bloomberg reports that new information has emerged about the prototype of the text social network from Meta*: sources say that the corporation intends to launch the project by the end of June 2023. About this, in particular, said Leah Haberman, UC SMM expert and author of the ICYMI newsletter.

It will be a platform based on Instagram*, but independent and decentralized. However, partial integration with Instagram* is provided.

It is known, for example, that personal data can be imported from an Instagram account. Syncing will also allow you to log in via your Instagram* profile and transfer contacts from there. In this case, all subscribers of the old social network will receive a notification that it would be time to follow their friends on the new platform.

Other features of the platform include text message size limits (maximum 500 characters), the ability to attach videos up to five minutes long, and the tagline “Instagram* for your thoughts” (according to Gizmochina).

For the rest, everything is familiar: a feed with posts from subscribers and promoted content (the recommendation algorithm is the same as on Instagram*), links, photos, likes, comments, reposts.

In addition, Project 92 pays a lot of attention to account security. Users will have the ability to manage mentions, block spam, and use two-factor authentication. Also, when synchronizing accounts, all the blocks and hidden words will be saved.

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The Meta* text platform will sync with a similar Mastodon app on the ActivityPub protocol, and the corporation plans to involve well-known public figures, athletes, actors, producers, showrunners, and comedians in promoting the new product.

According to TechCrunch, in a note for those who want to start beta testing (with limited access), the developers noted that Mastodon, Bluesky, and other apps have been given a head start in the race to create a Twitter analogue, but Meta* has a head start. in accessing billions of users through its family of applications (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger).

The development of the application was known in March. The MoneyControl portal also wrote about it, referring to the corporation’s statement:

“We are exploring a decentralized autonomous social network for sharing text updates. We believe there is an opportunity to create a separate space where authors and public figures can share news about their interests in a timely manner.”

He shared information about the rise of a new social network in private. tweets and social media consultant Matt Navarra. Meta* representatives do not comment on the news in any way, but neither do they deny the information that appears on the Internet and in the media. The issue of monetization in the new social network also remains unknown.

*The company Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is recognized as an extremist in the Russian Federation and is banned.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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