An image showing an alleged explosion at the Pentagon in Washington (USA) went viral on Twitter this morning (22), along with allegations that something happened at the US Department of Defense headquarters. However, the photo, apparently created by artificial intelligence (AI), is fake.

According to the Arlington Police Authority, where the famous building is located, “There have been no explosions or incidents occurring in or near the Pentagon area.” The message posted on the organization’s official profile also excluded the existence of any risk to the public.

The image in question shows a large cloud of smoke around one of the US Department of Defense buildings.. Several profiles that shared this also claimed that there was an explosion in the area, suggesting that a so-called terrorist attack had occurred.

As the content went viral on the social network, some international media outlets hailed the fake explosion at the Pentagon as if it were real. The spread of the material even affected the stock market, which fell by a short 0.26%.then it gets better.

Details in the image show the use of technology.

There is still no confirmation that the photo showing an explosion at the Pentagon was produced by AI. However, some details such as the different sized columns of the building in the image and the fence that blends into the sidewalk in some parts suggest that imaging technology was used. Business Content.

Among the accounts that retweeted the fake image are Russian state media, which has more than 3 million followers – the post was later deleted. Profiles about the war in Ukraine and related conspiracy theories also helped spread the content.

Source: Tec Mundo

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