Inspired video game and 90s websites, this interactive experience gives visitors access to the rich history of electronic music through the lens of the Minimoog Model D. Discover the incredible musicians, songs, stories, and sounds that shaped musical generations with apps and activities inspired by this favorite synthesizer and artists who have used it.

Few instruments used by some of the most innovative musicians of our time have impacted the music world as much as the Minimoog Model D. Bernie Worrell used this instrument as the basis for Parliament Funkadelic’s futuristic sound. Kraftwerk used the Model D in a groundbreaking concept album. autobahnthat defined an entirely new genre of electronic music. Gary Newman replaced his live band’s guitars with Minimoogs, prototyping industrial music. The classic Minimoog Model D sound can be heard in catch fire bob marley, short David Bowie and Chronic from Dr. Dre, just to name a few.

With this artistic interpretation of a classic synthesizer, visitors can play an online version of Minimoog that uses sounds inspired by generations of musicians. With over 45 classic presets, users can record and share their short pieces of music with this interactive tool. Create an original song that combines the sounds of your favorite artists: add the bass from Deveau’s “Whip It” along with the leads from “Stir it Up” by Bob Marley, as well as the kick from “I’m Not In Love”. from 10ss.

Enter the Mini Moog Factory

every aspect was designed to give visitors a joyful experience behind every digital door that leads to every new section of the site. Here’s what you can expect:

Jukebox: The synthesizer sound is now as ubiquitous in music as the human voice. From progressive rock and disco to reggae and hip hop, explore a collection of over 45 of the most influential songs featuring Minimoog Model D!

fitness room: Play your favorite Minimoog lead, bass and percussion sounds using the website’s free Minimoog Model D emulation. This interactive synthesizer allows anyone to create, share and save original recordings.

Archive: Learn about the rich history of this archetypal synthesizer, the people who developed it, and the impact it had on the world.

Theater: Sit back and enjoy a variety of musical performances and other videos featuring over 50 years of Minimoog Model D on stage, in the studio and on your favorite records.

Assemble the synthesizer: Print out and “create” your own Minimoog, the perfect study decoration or desktop companion!

Face Synthesizer: Become one with Model D sounds and functionality. This fun and easy-to-use Instagram filter integrates with your mobile device to use your facial expressions and body movements to activate Minimoog controls.

Model D application: Experience the sound and workflow of a classic Model D from your iOS or macOS device with Minimoog Model D official app. The app is optimized for iOS and macOS. Anyone with an Apple device can plug in and play with over 160 built-in presets or start exploring electronic sound design to create their own unique style.

Gift shop: Browse Moog’s online merchandise store for high quality accessories, clothing and collectibles perfect for any Model D owner or fan. Browse designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers and more.

Moog’s creative minds teamed up with a multidisciplinary design studio and an independent pentagram and development team Counterpoint bring this vision to life. The project was led by a visionary of sound and experimental design Pentagram, Yuri Suzukiwith whom Moog had previously collaborated Global synthesizer project in 2016 for that year’s Moogfest.

Passionate about Moog synthesizers and the brand’s heritage, Yuri was the perfect partner to celebrate the cultural impact of the Model D. He and the Pentagram and Counterpoint teams worked with illustrator Rob Pybus to create an experience that would allow visitors from all over the world to discover the deep history and sound of the Moog world. .

“Working on this web project for the last two years has been an incredible journey as Moog has always been my main passion. The special sound and beautiful design of your synthesizers have a special place in my heart. I still remember well our first discussion a few years ago when we presented the Minimoog Model D web experience. Our goal was to create a highly interactive and engaging experience that captures the essence of Dr. commands.

Throughout the project, the cooperation was very close and extremely pleasant. We shared a lot of ideas on how to make this great innovation fun and exciting. I am grateful to everyone involved in this project for their hard work and dedication over the past two years.

I invite you to visit the website and dive into the discovery of the Minimoog Model D, a true testament to the innovation and creativity of its creators.” -Yuuri Suzuki

Source: Digital Trends

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