Microsoft announced this Tuesday (23), during Microsoft Build 20223, New privacy, security and accessibility features for Windows 11. The news has already started to be made available to domestic and corporate users starting tomorrow (24).

According to the Redmond giant, the operating system is already in use (in testing or already in operation) in more than 90% of companies in the Fortune 500, the largest US brands list.

news for Windows 11 aims to add transparency and put “control” in the hands of users. Check out the new features of the software below:

  • 1. Windows will gain new privacy settings that allow blocking access to presence sensor information and easily enable and disable presence detection features;
  • 2. The VPN will appear in the taskbar and it will now be easier to check the connection status. if devicewhen connected to a recognized VPN, a small shield icon appears on the active network connection in the taskbar;
  • 3. Browsable VPN will be available tomorrow and customers will be able to turn it on or offvia Quick Settings;
  • 4. Pluton security chip will be available tomorrow for more AMD devices including Phoenix series;
  • 5. Live Caption feature – live captions – expanding to 10 more languages ​​and 21 regions, Including Brazil, which will have the PT-BR option;
  • 6. Windows 11 will have access to Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, a feature developed in partnership with Samsung and Intel that improves the quality of video calls, music and more;
  • 7. The default Widgets panel view will now have a larger layout.dedicated space for user pinned apps and a personalized stream;
  • 8. The operating system will get Windows 365 login from Windows 365 Boot;
  • 9. Win32 applications can be isolated to reduce the possibility of leaks and unauthorized access.

IT news

Microsoft points out that all the news is part of the normal Windows 11 monthly update process for home and business PCs. In the case of Windows 11 Enterprise, they too added tools to reduce management costs and let IT teams do other tasks.

Among the new options, companies will be able to print confidential files with QR Code, corporate messages and Microsoft Intune Suite Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM), which provides better control of employee accounts.

Source: Tec Mundo

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