Apple’s MagSafe chargers are discounted on Amazon, and there are also some very inexpensive alternatives that are worth your time.

This The best wireless charger you can buy for your iPhone is on sale at Amazon. This is the MagSafe charger that us the highest build quality, fast and safe charging and is compatible with MagSafe technology, so it will stick to the iPhone with magnets.

If you take advantage of this offer, you can get the official Apple MagSafe charger for 18% off. It has a price of 45 euros but can be yours for only 37 euros If you take advantage of this Amazon offer.

magsafe for iPhone

The best iPhone charger you can buy

The MagSafe Wireless Charger features perfectly aligned magnets to instantly attach to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro for up to 15W faster wireless charging.

The best wireless chargers for your iPhone

MagSafe Charger Eliminates one of the main problems with wireless chargers: Position the device incorrectly. With MagSafe, the charger will always be at its ideal point and the charging process will be much safer, optimal and faster.

This is a compatible charger. Officially on all iPhone models after the iPhone 12 generation. But with an accessory that costs just a few euros, you can make any iPhone compatible with MagSafe and also enjoy all the MagSafe accessories available.

But if you also own an Apple Watch, you should also consider: MagSafe Duo charger, is a great option for charging both iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Amazon is also offering it for sale at a discount of 20 percent of the 149 euros it officially costs, going for 119 euros.

Q500 Pro MagSafe Duo cheap

MagSafe Duo is great if you have an Apple Watch

Apple MagSafe Charger Technical Specifications

  • It has perfectly aligned magnets for instant attachment to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.
  • Up to 15W faster wireless charging.
  • The rare earth elements in the magnets are 100% recycled.
  • It is designed from aluminum with a padded interior.
  • Integrated USB-C cable.
  • Weight is only 80 grams.
  • Compatible with any device with wireless charging.

Best alternative to MagSafe charger half price

If, despite the discount, the price of the MagSafe charger still seems a little higher than you’re willing to pay, you can always take advantage of one of the following. alternatives available on the marketThey have very good ones and at a good price.

This one we leave you below has many of the features and functions of the original MagSafe charger and also in addition to the cost less than 20 eurosIncludes dual-port wall adapter, traditional USB, and USB-C. So at this price it’s a very interesting option.

An alternative to the MagSafe charger

This is a great alternative to the MagSafe charger

Any of these chargers are great for your iPhone. we have MagSafe compatibility for easy-to-use wireless charging, and discounted prices worth taking advantage of. If you haven’t tried MagSafe on your iPhone, now is the time to try it.

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