Thursday, March 23, 2023

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies: should they be declared in 2021 income?

Invest in bitcoin. Perhaps this is one of the most repeated phrases on Instagram and other social networks. cryptocurrencies They are here to...

Windows 11 gains improvements to wallpapers and Media Player

Following your update schedule, Microsoft A new build is available for this Wednesday (13) Windows 11 beta version, with some new features and bug...

iPhone app helps transition to Android

Google has released a new app on the App Store to help users switch from iPhone to Android smartphone. The Switch to...

Hydrogen cannon will deliver to orbit in 10 minutes

Green Launch Company hosted and published by the publisher This gas causes severe pain and there is no escape from it. Its main...

Android: Adoption of new versions still slow, data showing

Trying to provide more transparency in OS statistics androidapplication downwards It announced the figures obtained through its more than 130 million international users. ...

Apple: Tim Cook criticizes ‘data hungry companies’

(12) Speaking at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) annual conference on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook didn't hesitate to voice some of...

Fun on the Spot: offers on electronics, peripherals, games and more

Leisure and leisure activities are just as important as study and study. Taking time to do something just for pleasure and relaxation is...

WhatsApp update takes over Telegram functions

An update to WhatsApp will bring features to the chat application, which is also owned by Telegram. With so-called communities, admin rights...

Microsoft may add ads to free Xbox games

Microsoft may be planning to add ads to free Xbox games. ...

Podcast platform Podimo is available in the Netherlands

We don't have a shortage of podcasts these days, and neither are podcast services. Still, podcast service Podimo is now making its...

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