Wednesday, October 5, 2022

This is how you control who is on your WiFi

It is important to properly protect your network to prevent neighbors from getting on your internet connection. If you're not sure if...

How to use AirTag on an Android smartphone?

Apple AirTag is the ideal device to never lose your keys, purse, wallet or other belongings again. With an iPhone or iPad,...

Take special photos with PhotoShop Camera

Photoshop Camera is a smart photography app that breaks down all barriers when it comes to 'computerized' photography. It's not an app...

Can artificial intelligence evaluate job applications?

A robot evaluating your cover letter, is this the future of human resources? It may seem so to those who observe the...

Add signature in Google Docs

If you want to add a professional flavor to a letter, add a signature. You can also easily add your signature digitally...

Buy emergency power for NAS: Three options

A NAS usually works day and night, making the device highly vulnerable to power outages. You can purchase a UPS (Uninterruptible Power...

Best Alternatives to Instagram

Instagram has been an established name for editing and sharing your photos for years. But it certainly isn't the only place where...

Increase the speed of your old iPad

It's a shame you no longer use your iPad because the tablet has slowed down. There are things you can do to...

All about fake profiles: How are they recognized?

You can buy a fake person's profile for just a few euros. You adjust the view according to your need. Age,...

This is how you sort properly in Word

Word has a sorting tool to sort data in different ways. You can sort by dates, names or even entire paragraphs in...

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