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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Disable automatic Windows 10 updates

In principle, it would be wise to do system updates immediately. This way you know your PC is always up to date...

8 tips for working with multiple screens

If you still work from home a lot, you want to make your workplace as comfortable as possible. An extra monitor can...

Increase partition in Windows 10: three options

The partition on which you installed Windows is running out of disk space. While there is still room in another section. ...

Cheating in Wordle: This is how you guess the word every...

Although the biggest hype is behind us, Wordle is still very popular. Are you still enjoying playing the game and need some...

WhatsApp stickers: ten funny sticker sets

In addition to emoji and gifs, you can also use stickers on WhatsApp. You will find many stickers by default in the...

How to edit a PDF

Adobe offers relatively few options for editing PDFs for free. Recently there is a free add-on for your browser, but for extensive...

This is how you use Office without a subscription

Microsoft is going out of its way to sell Office subscriptions. It's understandable, because that brings a lot of money. But...

Manage your saved passwords in Windows

Today we use different usernames and passwords for many websites. After all, it's very secure, but you're more likely to forget a...

Analyze audio with SpectrumView Plus

Ambient noise consists of a mixture of individual sounds. This goes for music too. You hear as a whole, your brain...

This is how you really empty your PC

If you are planning to sell your PC, it is wise to completely empty your PC. How do you do this effectively?...

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