News Apple Vision Pro they have a very high price; about $3499. But those users who wear glasses and are interested in buying them when they go on sale next year, they have to pay more for themSpecifically, up to $600 more, Revealed Mark Gurman from bloomberg. There is a reason.

This is because the Apple Vision Pro requires an additional accessory for those users who wear permanent glasses, as the VR/AR case is not designed to fit over the glasses. So those who need it should buy an optic designed by Zeiss in collaboration with Apple, which has graduated glass and attaches magnetically to the screen of the glasses. This optics, according to Gurman, “it will cost between $300 and $600 for a pair”.

This means that users who wear glasses will have to shell out up to $4,099 for the Apple Vision Pro. bloomberg Details that Apple may have included lenses in the price of the viewfinder, since their cost is already quite high, the company confirms on its website that “vision correction accessories sold separately.

We must also take into account that Apple claims that Not all ophthalmic prescriptions are compatible with Apple Vision Pro. Therefore, it is likely that a person with many diopters will not be able to use them. It’s also unclear if using Zeiss lenses will interfere with some of the glasses’ functions, as the viewfinder has different sensors that scan the iris.

The Apple Vision Pro could have Zeiss optics attached to two 4K screens.

In addition to optics, Apple Vision Pro has two 4K micro-OLED displays each and 23 million pixels. This will allow you to take a closer look at visionOS interface elements, such as applications that can be superimposed on reality. Also watch TV shows and movies on Apple TV or other compatible streaming platforms.

Apple Vision Pro, repeat, withThey will go on sale next year in the US. It is not clear when they will arrive in other countries, as the product still has to pass various certifications. Developers will also have to adapt and create applications for this operating system. And thus make them compatible with various Apple Vision Pro features.

Source: Hiper Textual

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