you can have an account gmail that you use with a phone iPhone. This shouldn’t give you any trouble as the mail client app works great with iOS. But if you want to be more efficient, there is a way to achieve this: use the widget developed by Google for the Apple terminal.

This option allows common actions such as reading an email or writing a new email to be performed faster and without fear of erratic work. Of course, you have to meet some requirements to take advantage of this add-on placed on the iPhone desktop. Requirements no exaggeration: operating system iOS 14 (on iPadOS 14 tablets) or higher and also the app you installed version 6.0.220109 or newer.

After confirming this, add your own widget very simple thing on the phone’s desktop. Press repeatedly on the “+” symbol that appears on the terminal screen and then in the upper right area. Now just look at the Gmail list and click Add Widget on the button that appears in the bottom area. That’s it, this add-on is already on your desktop.

Gmail logo on Apple iPhone


Uses of the widget on iPhone: all positive

your one good amount of possibilities As for taking advantage of the new item you see on the home screen of the smartphone. Below we show you some of the most interesting and you will find that they are very useful to save you time.

open an email

You don’t need to access the app to see the message that interests you later. Now in the widget there is a list where you can see the emails you have received. When you find the one that interests you by scrolling, click on it and you will see its contents directly.

write a new message

Something similar happens in this case, you have to be inside the app to achieve said goal. This is no longer necessary, use the pencil-shaped icon on the widget you added to the iPhone and… Surprise! You can start typing the mail and select the recipients.

Account changes in the widget

This is useful if you have multiple Gmail accounts. To switch from one to the other, you have to press continuously on the iPhone screen (to the right of the added item). Options that appear in a dropdown include Edit widget followed by the accounts button. You will see all the ones you have access to and you can always choose the one that suits you.

A excellent tool this Gmail widget now available on iPhones. If you haven’t used it yet, you will definitely leave it permanently when you see how well it works and it will be something that will never be missing from your terminal’s screen. Also, its stability and effectiveness are amazing.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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