The Apple Vision Pro is becoming one of the most interesting and innovative devices Cupertino has developed in recent times. One of its most impressive features is the virtual keyboard, which allows us to write in the same way as if it were a physical keyboard, and without any equipment – other than glasses, of course. Well then, today the company itself explains how it works and we can describe it in one word: amazing.

The mentioned developer session is called Design for spatial inputand published on the official website of the company. In addition, here they also confirm the refresh rate that the Apple Vision Pro will offer. the company’s interest is seen in using the user’s body as the main navigation tool in visionOS.

Evgeny Krivoruchko, a designer at Apple, explains in the video how the Vision Pro keyboard works: since it is a virtual device, the company had to find ways to compensate for the lack of physical form. To do this, they used sounds and visual responses. For example, to as you get closer to the keys, they will become brighter. This creates a sense of proximity that serves as a guide for the user’s fingers.

When your finger touches the virtual keyboard buttons, they quickly change state. when making a sound with a spatial sense it adds to the experience.

Apple Vision Pro will let you interact directly with your virtual environment.

Apple Vision Pro

In addition to being able to directly interact with the virtual keyboard projected onto the Apple Vision Pro, you can also do so with the rest of the system. Actually, the main way to control the interface is based on air piercing. You just need to look at the specific dot you want to select, be it an app or a button, and press with your thumb and forefinger. An action that in this case replaces touching the iPhone or iPad screen.

This action will allow you to control your Apple Vision Pro system in a variety of ways.. From scrolling through a web page to drawing like you’re in front of a whiteboard. In fact, the demo shows in detail what the last example would look like.

Although there are still many questions about the operation of the Apple Vision Pro, little by little more and more unknowns are being clarified. Until now, Looks like we’re in for a mixed reality revolutionalthough those from Cupertino refuse to call their technology that.

Source: Hiper Textual

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