Idea to put protective case for iphone it was one of the most discussed topics in his early years. Most purists considered it an insult to cover the design object with a plastic cover, although the rest thought otherwise. Drop protection for a mobile phone was essential and iPhone cases became a must, although that could end very soon.

A new patent issued by Apple hints that The iPhone of the future will be so durable it won’t need a protective case. Document Space connectionsapproved by the US Patent Office, Cupertino engineers offer mix of chassis materials mobile phone.

Apple mentions that electronic devices (such as the iPhone) are ubiquitous in society and have contact with a variety of surfaces that cause wear and tear. Manufacturers have chosen to use materials to protect it, although currently there is no perfect formula.

“Metal cases can be particularly resistant to being dented, scratched, or broken, but may interfere with radio signals entering or leaving the device,” the patent says. “Ceramic cases can be scratch-resistant and radio-transparent, but they can be brittle,” he says.

The chassis (or body) of the iPhone will be made from a moldable material—polymer or amorphous metal—and wear-resistant elements. The latter will be made of metal or ceramic and will be harder than the substrate. The patent includes diagrams showing built-in elements throughout the case.

How tough would an iPhone be if it didn’t require a case?

The Apple patent mentions some material combinations to achieve the desired balance in terms of protection. The iPhone must be not only attractive in design, but also resistant to scratches, tears and abrasion. The connection must also not interfere with the signals, as this will break their functionality.

Offer includes plastic for the formation of load-bearing walls and elements of durable material (metal, glass or ceramics) that protrude above the surface. “The elements can be harder than the plastic structure and therefore improve overall abrasion resistance,” the patent says. “Hence the case can be more scratch resistant than other cases,” he says.

Inline elements will have different shapes and sizes. Some of them will be spherical, beady, with interlocking structures mechanically attached to the chassis. Others were faceted and slightly off the surface, reflecting light and creating a “desired look”. space connections they will apply not only to the iPhonebut also to iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and other devices of the company.

As with all patents, it is possible that this idea will materialize in the future or remain unresolved. At the moment, Cases are included in the iPhone accessories catalog. Apple offers leather or silicone options in a variety of colors and finishes, all of which are compatible with the MagSafe ecosystem.

Source: Hiper Textual

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