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iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro: Any valuable news?

Is it worth waiting for iPhone 15 Pro or better to buy iPhone 14 Pro? We compare both devices thoroughly.

We compare the iPhone 14 Pro to the next iPhone 15 Pro

The next generation iPhone is only a few months away, and everything points to the future of the iPhone 15. many improvements compared to the current generation. And if you’re wondering whether to buy an iPhone 14 Pro right now or wait for the new iPhone 15 Pro, we’re going to buy it with everything we know right now.

We’ve already compared the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro and now it’s your turn Comparing the current generation with the next generation.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro comparison

Thanks to all the leaks, we already know the iPhone 15 Pro very well, but Apple sure has some surprises for its launch. But taking into account what we know now and the rumors, these will happen. News that the iPhone 15 Pro will have compared to the iPhone 14 Pro:

  • A17 Bionic chip and A16 Bionic chip. The power jump this year will be more significant than what we saw last year. The A17 Bionic chip will be built at 3 nm compared to the A16’s 4 nm, so it will be more powerful and efficient. We can expect performance and efficiency improvements.
  • USB-C and Lightning. One of the most significant changes in iPhone history, Apple has used only two types of connections in iPhone and they are always proprietary. The iPhone 15 Pro, which can charge iPhone, iPad and Mac with a single cable, is easier to charge with USB-C.
iPhone 15 Pro Concept

All iPhone 15s will have USB-C

  • Camera improvements. The iPhone 15 Pro’s camera system will improve a lot, but in this case, the main improvement will come in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will include a new telephoto sensor that can triple the current zoom of the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • New design. Apple will change the design of the iPhone 15 Pro to be more rounded at the edges, in addition to other rather interesting changes:
    • action button. Apple will replace the mute switch with a customizable action button.
    • titanium frame. Stainless steel may be replaced by lighter and stronger titanium.
    • thinner bezels. The iPhone 15 Pro’s screen bezels will be the thinnest in the industry.
    • new color. Black, white and gold colors are always present in the Pro series, but the fourth color changes every year. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to change from purple to red.
Red iPhone 15 concept

iPhone 15 Pro will slightly change its design

  • Longer battery life. This is something we take for granted with every generation of iPhone. In this case, we are likely to gain an extra hour of autonomy due to the efficiency of the A17 Bionic chip.
  • RAM increase. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to include 8GB of RAM, this will be the maximum RAM an iPhone has ever had, a maximum of 6GB so far.

If all goes as planned, these will happen News coming to iPhone 15 Pro Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro, there’s been quite a bit of news and it looks like it’s going to be a significant leap forward.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro: Any valuable news? iPhone 15

Brand view Release date 2023

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