Google Taking effective measures to combat the constant invasion of malware viruses in the Google Play app store. Starting August 31, developers creating new Play Console accounts will need to provide a valid DUNS number.

This is the new requirement It aims to strengthen the security and reliability of the platform by making it difficult for malicious developers to open accounts. The measure adopted by Google is widely recognized and used by the US government, the United Nations and Apple, making it reliable and effective.

In addition to the DUNS number, Google is also improving transparency in the Play Store. The “Contact Information” section for applications will be renamed “Application Support” and will contain additional information about the developers.

With the change, users will have access to the company name, full office address, website URL and phone number, providing a clearer understanding of each company’s responsibility for current practices.

Google states that it will regularly check the information provided by the developers to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data presented. If inconsistencies are identified, the account will not be able to publish new apps and existing ones may be removed.

By enforcing the DUNS number and providing greater transparency to developer information, Google reduces the likelihood of malicious account registration and builds user trust.

Source: Tec Mundo

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