Gradually the long-awaited arrival of the new iPhone 14 to the market. It will be in September, because Apple doesn’t change the way it acts one iota, so there won’t be any progress or delays… It comes when the Cupertino company wants to arrive. Well, new information about the power of the new generation phones has emerged and some details that will not appeal to everyone’s taste have been confirmed.

It has been obvious for some time that there will be significant differences between the models considered basic and the iPhone 14 Pro. hole screen and a camera it will be more expensive and much better on higher generation devices. But it seems that the different options between the one and the other models do not end there.

They will not use the same processor

According to the published data, only the iPhone 14 Pro will have a new SoC inside, A16 Bionic. This component with advanced manufacturing technology will offer superior performance and also optimize everything related to consumption. Therefore, Apple will significantly improve the previous version of smartphones. In other words, this is what every user who follows Apple expects from generation to generation.

What about the iPhone 14? This is where the bad news comes in, because everything indicates that they will stay with them. A15 Bionic These are already used by phones in the market (perhaps they include some improvements in energy management, but that will be minor). This will mean that they will offer similar power – and as such, more than one will seriously consider whether there is a need to jump in and pay the price that the Cupertino company’s new terminals usually have.

Using an iPhone with a laptop in the background


Of course, instead of progress on all models announced in September of this year, data storethis is at least 6GB (It is LPDDR4X type). This will improve the terminals’ ability to multitask and accordingly achieve a more positive perception of fluidity when running all kinds of applications. This is something.

Reasons why this happens on iPhone 14

It seems to indicate that the complexity of the chip market in general and mobile processors in particular will make the North American firm decide to take this step. The goal is, as it makes sense to think, do not fall for very high production costs -to maintain the great margins Apple has on every terminal it sells-. As such, it is the market that suffers most and least from the risks, and a clear example of this is that the iPhone 14 may be the first Apple smartphones to not offer the same SoC across the entire range.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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