According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will not have its 5G modem ready until the iPhone 17 in 2025

The company has been planning to develop its own Wi-Fi and 5G chips for some time.

iPhone 17 concept without Dynamic Island

Only five days left until the official presentation iPhone 15 and all the details about the new generation of Apple smartphones are slowly emerging. According to rumors circulating on the Internet, we now already know many features of this smartphone group…

We know that iPhone 15 models will have a port USB-CTogether Dynamic Island and at least one main room 48 megapixels. Possible colors have even been leaked on numerous occasions. **They will have the A17 Bionic chip and between 6GB and 8GB RAM. Apple has made efforts to implement much more advanced hardware in its iPhone 15, but for now They won’t be able to include their own 5G chips.

Apple and the development of 5G modems

A few months ago, specifically at the beginning of 2023, news broke that Apple was planning to develop Wi-Fi, 5G and Bluetooth chips. It looks like the company is continuing to move forward with this initiative. However, its production will take a little longer than we expected.

The latest information provided by expert analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Medium (point 5) shows that: Apple won’t implement its own 5G connectivity chips until 2025. This shows that neither the iPhone 15 nor the iPhone 16 will have this technology.

“Two other potential risks for Qualcomm are that Exynos 2400 market share in Samsung handsets is higher than expected and Apple is expected to use its own modems in 2025.”

Dear Ming-Chi Kuo concluded his note by assuring that he will share more details about this premise in the future.


Apple is ready to develop 5G chips

In July 2019, Apple decided to acquire Intel’s 5G modem business model. An initiative that will leave its dependence on Qualcomm behind. However, its development will be postponed until 2025. This suggests that both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 will still have modems made by Qualcomm.

Today’s information lines up perfectly with an earlier rumor stating that the fourth-generation iPhone SE would feature an Apple 5G chip in 2025.

This controversial strategic decision by Apple will not only allow the company to move further away from Qualcomm, but will also improve the connectivity of its devices with Qualcomm. Complete compatibility between software and hardware thanks to the design of its own 5G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips.

In other words, Apple has extended its agreement with Arm to continue using ARM architecture in Apple Silicon processors. They continue to move from Apple and are moving in the right direction.

Source: i Padizate

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