We have to change it every time smart phone, it is common to have doubts about what we should prioritize when choosing. After all, this is the device that will accompany us on a daily basis and that we will use countless times both at work and in our routine.

If you are considering buying an iPhone or any other smart phoneIt can be useful to have. control List About what shouldn’t be missing in your next tech friend. Below we provide a list of 7 key features you should opt for.

1. Good internal storage

Nowadays, most people use their mobile phones for a variety of purposes: as a camera, to do school work, and even to upload files. For this reason, It is recommended to give priority to devices with good internal storageespecially if you have a habit of taking a lot of photos or recording a lot of videos.

For example, iPhone offers devices with different storage areas that the customer can choose. The ideal option for those who need to carry a lot of files is to invest in a binder. smart phone at least 128 GB, but you can opt for even larger space depending on your needs.

2. Camera Features

A good camera makes a big difference in capturing unique moments.  (Source: GettyImages)

It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the cameras on the mobile phone. But here’s a tip: A higher megapixel count does not necessarily mean higher image quality. Ideally, check other features like autofocus, optical stabilization, and other highlights.

Another thing that helps a lot in getting good images is the native capture and editing features that the device has. On iPhone, you can adjust the grid, use the “Live Photos” function that increases the camera’s exposure, change the file format or add color filters. All this will help you create much more original and impressive images.

3. 5G Network

Connectivity is the key to always staying active on networks.  (Source: GettyImages)

The future of connectivity has already arrived in Brazil. Therefore, if you are thinking of changing your mobile phone, make sure that it has access to 5G, which guarantees greater stability and connection speed.

The 5G installation process in the country is still in the implementation phase, which means there is new news to come. Among them, There is gradual progress in the “Internet of Things”which connects various electronic devices in a home.

4. Support mobile payment

The convenience of paying directly with your mobile phone is something to consider.  (Source: GettyImages)

You smart phones They are so present in our lives that they even replace our wallets. You can upload documents directly to your mobile phone and even pay your bills using the device like a debit or credit card.

In order to perform these transactions, your device must support mobile payment, making it easier for you to shop at the market, buy a ticket to the cinema or pay a bus ticket by using this feature.

5. Facial recognition

(Source: GettyImages)

Another basic feature of mobile phones is the facial recognition system. A lot applications – including those of banks – they use this feature to provide more security to users. Therefore, it is important to check whether this function is available on your new device before choosing it.

6. Quick Camera Access

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When we encounter a situation we want to record, our most common impulse is to take out our mobile phone and record it, right? Therefore it is important smart phone Get easy access to the camera without having to unlock it every time. Experts say this entire process (turning on the camera and taking a photo) shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds.

In the iPhone, this functionality is simply built into the devices: just turn on the screen and drag your finger to the side, which activates the camera very quickly. This way, you won’t run the risk of the moment passing and losing the scene you want to save.

7. Transfer and integration between devices

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The Handoff feature on Apple devices serves to facilitate users’ routines. It keeps the brand’s devices (like iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch) connected to each other. In practice, this makes it possible for you to start replying to an email on your iPhone, for example, and finish it on your Mac.

The same goes for many applications Native Apple features like Calendar, Contacts, and Safari browser. Your life will definitely become much faster when you use this function.

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