iPhone 15

iPhone 15 will show battery charge cycles in settings

Apple will enter this interesting information into the general settings panel.

iPhone 15 battery will show charge cycles in Settings

As we approach the long-awaited official launch iPhone 15 More and more details reach our ears. A small selection of lucky media and content creators had the opportunity to test Apple’s new iPhone 15 and shared some very interesting exclusive information, such as the fact that they have improved 5G connectivity compared to the previous generation.

Now X A user known as @Tech_Reve shared a screenshot where you can see a very important innovation in the iPhone 15 models: They will have information about the iPhone 15 models. battery charge cycles in Settings.

“Breaking news! Starting from iPhone 15 models, you can now examine production data, first use time and battery charge cycles.”

How to Check Battery Charging Cycles on iPhone 15

Until now, to see iPhone charging cycles you had to go to: Settings > Privacy and access to terminal usage analysis data. However, only load cycle files could be found in this section. Also, the process of knowing the iPhone’s charging cycles was a bit confusing and cumbersome.

Apple will now include a battery charge cycle counter in all iPhone 15 models Settings > General > Information. It’s that easy.

What is a battery charging cycle?

Each iPhone model has a battery with a certain number of charge cycles, which determines its lifespan and determines its condition.

According to Apple, An iPhone has an average of 500 battery charging cycles. But these cycles don’t correspond to how many times you charge your iPhone; instead, each cycle builds a charge from 0% to 100%, even if divided into several states.

“An Apple lithium-ion battery works in charge cycles. You complete a charge cycle when you use (discharge) an amount equal to 100% of your battery’s capacity.”

This is why the iPhone battery gradually weakens and loses its performance and efficiency until its lifespan ends.

You can check the health of your iPhone battery here: Settings > BatteryIn the “Battery health and charging” section.

Other news about the iPhone 15 battery

iPhone 15 Colors

iPhone 15 has new colors and design changes

Apple introduced the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models in its opening speech last September. At the event, the company confirmed that the battery capacity of its new terminals has not increased compared to the iPhone 14 generation.

The battery of the iPhone 15 series autonomy Up to 29 hours of video playback In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple stated that all models have the same battery life as the previous generation, although they have higher battery energy capacities. However, theoretically, the new A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro models is expected to offer greater energy efficiency during performance and resource management.

iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max
Battery capacity 3349mAh 4383mAh 3274mAh 4422mAh
play video up to 20 hours up to 26 hours up to 23 hours up to 29 hours
video streaming up to 16 hours up to 20 hours up to 20 hours up to 25 hours
play audio up to 80 hours up to 100 hours up to 75 hours up to 95 hours

What do you think about this small detail of the iPhone 15? Do you regularly check the health of your iPhone’s battery?

iPhone 15 will show battery charge cycles in settings iPhone 15

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