The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M2 processors were unveiled at WWDC 2022, but that’s not all. iOS 16 was the opening of the presentation, showing itself to an audience that was looking forward to it. As a main suggestion iOS 16 sells us customization more than anything elseand this is one of the few times Apple has taken a step in that direction.

Now if you like iOS 16 wallpaper, We have come to inform you that you can now download it to your iPhone or iPad.. This happened thanks to 9to5Macwho managed to get a high-quality version, so if you still don’t have iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 on your devices, you can still take the opportunity to update their aesthetic section.

The new unlock screen in iOS 16 is a game-changer. Previously in iOS, we had static wallpapers and others with the ability to move thanks to technology live photo. However, those who arrive in this new version displayed in real timeso during the day they will change their appearance.

Of course, this type of dynamic wallpaper we can’t bring them, and that’s what they are something exclusive to how iOS 16 works.. Luckily, 9to5Mac he managed to create a static image of one of them and it has fun colors to spice up your home and lock screens.

Download iOS 16 wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad

iOS 16 Wallpapers

Downloading these tools is quite simple. Only enter the Google Drive folder we will leave you here and save the ones you like best in your reel. There are only three options available at the moment, but we may see new versions of these wallpapers for iOS 16 in the future.

  1. Open this link from Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the folder you will see the three images we mentioned. touch about who you like the most.
  3. Click the download button in the top right corner.
  4. In the window that appears, click on display.
  5. This will open the image in full size. Now just press and hold the wallpaper and select Add to photo.
  6. It will already be downloaded to your mobile. just go to Settings and select the image you like as wallpaper. Voilayou can already feel like iOS 16 without the update.

Source: Hiper Textual

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