Apple and its million-dollar idea: The mysterious QR code on iPhone screens

Apple invented its own waste tracking device!

Apple saved millions thanks to code on iPhone screen

By now we could be assured that the most notorious predators on the internet had uncovered the secrets of the iPhone, perhaps forgetting that Apple is Apple and can keep this secret. One of them is the presence of microscopic QR code on the iPhone, and even if you try to see it when approaching the device, you cannot.

Since 2020, according to a publication by The Information Apple uses iPhone code to control production costs and save hundreds of millions of dollars.

iPhone’s QR code against waste

All iPhones have bars etched into the glass at different stages of production. Apple developed this system in 2020 and it helps “Track and reduce defects” on your production line. These codes are explained as follows: “The size of a grain of sand” And They can only be seen with special equipment.

Apple spent millions of dollars improving the barcoding process and installing laser scanning equipment at Lens Technology and Biel Crystal, which created the glass cover for the “iPhone.” With this system, Apple knows the exact number of every piece of glass produced by Lens and Bieland an accurate reading of how much material is wasted due to defects.

When barcodes are first applied,Apple found that three out of 10 lamella parts were discarded due to manufacturing errors and with pressure from Apple, suppliers managed to reduce this to one in 10. Since Apple pays for manufacturing, reducing error rates has saved it hundreds of millions of dollars.

Early units had the code laser etched onto the glassbut this caused the screen to weaken. In drop tests, cracks in the glass almost always occurred where the QR code was placed. Engineers had to create new techniques using ring light microscopic lenses.

On some iPhone models, such as the iPhone 12, the QR code is located right above the front speaker. During On newer iPhone models, this code is laser etched into the black frame at the bottom edge of the screen.

Finally, information has been available since the implementation of these codes, Apple suppliers reduce number of discarded glass cover units to 1 in 10. Previously, 3 out of every 10 pieces were thrown away. As a result, Apple saves hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Source: i Padizate

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