iPadOS 16 comes with many interesting new features, but the main improvement is reserved for iPads with the M1 chip.

The WWDC22 conference brought us a lot of interesting news, including iPadOS 16. The new iPad operating system inherited many new features from iOS 16, though not the new lock screen. one of these innovations is reserved only for the most powerful iPadand is one of the most important innovations of the system.

One of the new features of iPadOS 16, which is one of the most striking features, is: New multitasking system called Stage Manager. However, many iPad users will never be able to try Stage Manager anymore. only works on iPads with M1 chip. There are currently only two supported iPad models: the 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch, and the 2022 iPad Air.

iPadOS 16

iPadOS 16 comes with a new multitasking feature

Stage Manager is reserved for the most powerful iPads

Stage Manager is an entirely new multitasking experience also coming to macOS Ventura. For the first time on iPad, you can overlap windows and resize these windows on screen to use all at once. The main app window will be front and center, with other apps you use the most on the left for quick access.

You can take several overlapping windows of different sizes with different applications, similar to those on Mac, and you can also group these apps using drag and drop gestures. Stage Manager supports groups of up to four windows and four windows if you have an external display connected to the iPad; this is a feature that greatly improves the experience in this regard.

Scene Manager iPadOS 16

Stage Manager on iPadOS 16 with an external monitor

Stage Manager is an iPad-first approach to multitasking, much like Mac than iPhone. But Apple has made its own way with a hybrid system that sits between the two experiences. Again, Despite being one of the stellar features of iPadOS 16, few users will be able to try it out. Limited to iPads with the M1 chip.

In a way it makes sense. Something similar happened in iOS 16, with many of its new features available only on the most modern iPhones. In this case, Stage Manager must consume a lot of resources, so Needs full power of M1 chip for it to work properly. The arrival of the M1 chip on the iPad came as quite a surprise, but now we understand Apple’s intentions.

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