iOS 16 has finally been unveiled. Apple’s new operating system brings exciting news to the iPhone, and many of them were discussed by the company during WWDC 2022. But, Do you know there are some that they didn’t mention? Usually, many features become known when users enter beta testing, and iOS 16 is no exception.

For this, today we’re rounding up 22 new iOS 16 features that Apple didn’t mention in the keynote. Yes, we’ve already talked about the updated iOS 16 lock screen, as well as improvements to apps like Camera, integration of the Casa app with the Matter standard, and improved support for devices like Chromecast with AirPlay. But today this is not the main thing, today we have come to tell you about what was forgotten among the great news.

The best thing is that these new features are not as small as they seem. In fact, some of them are extremely useful, and we are sure that they will help improve the productivity of iPhone users who decide to upgrade to iOS 16. If you want to try the beta, we have already explained how to do it. install it on your device.

iOS 16 news Apple didn’t mention

1. Improvements in notifications

  • Focus mode. In iOS 16, you’ll be able to activate your favorite focus mode based on your location, a suggested schedule, or when you open a specific app. Thus, switching to a more concentrated mode can become an easier habit. In addition, you can now separate your notifications into allowed and blocked lists.
  • Messages. The Messages app will now have a dedicated section for unread messages. iMessage is also getting a feature to undo and edit sent content.
  • Notification settings. In iOS 16, you can customize how notifications appear on the lock screen. They are known as List, Stack and Count.
  • web notifications. Apple will allow websites to send notifications Push to your iPhone. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to be disturbed, you will always have the option to disable this feature.

2. Security and privacy improvements

hidden album iOS 16
  • Face ID improvements. When you update to iOS 16, you will be able to unlock your iPhone with Face ID in landscape mode. Until now, we could only do this if we held the phone vertically, but Apple has finally improved this feature. However, there are rumors that this feature may only be available with iPhone 13 and above.
  • security updates. With iOS 16, security updates will be automatically downloaded to your iPhone. With the Security Quick Response feature, Apple will be able to release security patches for iOS without having to update the entire system every time.
  • wifi password. Now you can see the passwords of your saved networks, and you can also copy them to share them with your guests.
  • Protect your hidden and deleted photos. Starting with iOS 16, you will need to unlock your Hidden and Deleted folders using Face ID or Touch ID. Prior to this, no credentials were required to access these folders, leaving them vulnerable to anyone with access to your iPhone.
  • Clipboard Access. Every time you copy data from one app to another, iOS 16 will ask you if you want to give that app access to the system clipboard. In this way, you can precisely control which applications can use this feature.
  • password management. The new version promises to offer better management of our keys. In iOS 16, you’ll be able to choose whether to use iCloud Keychain or Google Authenticator for the verification codes you receive on your iPhone.
  • Developer Mode. With iOS 16, Apple is integrating developer mode into the operating system. Apparently we will need to activate it when we want to test an application installed via TestFlight.

3. Accessibility improvements

  • live subtitles in facetime. With live captioning, Apple aims to improve the iPhone experience for people with hearing impairments.
  • hang easier. Apple now lets you use your iPhone’s lock button to end a call. This feature can be activated in the “Accessibility” section.

4. Improvements in the multimedia section

  • Copy photo changes. One of the most anticipated features of image editors for many years. With this new feature, you will be able to edit the image and insert it into the rest of the collection. Thus, you can create your own “templates” with the same parameters.
  • Follow your favorite artists. Apple Music has also been updated so you can add the artists you listen to the most to your favorites. In this way, you can be notified every time there is new content on the platform.
  • Find your playlist. In iOS 16, you can search your favorite playlists by title, artist, album, release date, and the order in which songs were added.
  • Joy-Con controller compatibility. That’s it. If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can now connect Joy-Cons to your iPhone thanks to this iOS 16 feature.
  • Various API improvements. With the new iOS 16 APIs, devices like the Chromecast, Amazon Echo, or Sonos are getting “nearly” built-in support in the system. In addition, other innovations in the API will allow developers to create maps of rooms in augmented reality, including the objects contained in it. On the other hand, the API Live events allows developers to place sports game scorecards on the iPhone’s lock screen.

5. New utilities

  • Living text on the Internet. With the new Live Text update in iOS 16, you can directly translate images from websites.
  • Improvements in the Notes app. You can now perform real-time conversions with the Notes app in iOS 16. For example, enter 1000 grams and then tap Smart. Then click on the number again and the system will display other conversion units. It works with currencies, weights, liquid volume and more.
  • Quick Notes. The Share menu now has a Quick Notes option. With it, you can write whatever you want in an article or image without having to transfer content between applications.
  • Compatible with NIF in more applications. Apple has made its Nearby Interaction Framework, used by devices such as AirTags and the Find app, available to all developers. In this way, anyone can program their apps in iOS 16 to give directions that will be used to find objects by showing an arrow on the screen.

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