iPhone 15 pre-orders hit the highest level in “years”

Demand for iPhone 15 is quite high in the United States.

iPhone 15 sales increased rapidly

Sales figures of iPhone 15 in China are not as high as expected. So much so that Tim Cook recently made an express trip to the Asian region to promote the product. But on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the balance is balanced. Demand for the new generation iPhone is very high in the USA.

Speaking at the company’s third-quarter financial results conference, John Stankey, CEO of operator AT&T, said they saw: “The strongest iPhone bookings they’ve had in years” With the launch of iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 sales peaked

There is such a thing in the smartphone industry. While a particular iPhone model may not be a huge success in some regions (maybe also in Spain, where Android reigns as the norm), Your sales figures may be very high in other regions. Like the case of the iPhone 15 in the United States.

Data details provided by AT&T a very optimistic sales flow and strong iPhone 15 sales. The operator is having its best week in more than a year. Some, or perhaps most, of this huge interest is due to the iPhone 15 being released in September 2023.

John Stankey said at AT&T’s financial results conference:

“In September, we saw our strongest iPhone bookings in many years, despite competitive promotions with higher subsidies allowing for lower value device trade-ins. This proves both the simplicity of our and the strength of our direct and consistent offering, as does the quality of our network.”

A proud John Stankey also emphasized: Most iPhone buyers choose AT&T’s most expensive plans, “although this is not a promotional requirement.” The AT&T Unlimited Premium plan is available for $85 per month, about 79 euros at the exchange rate.

We will soon learn the iPhone 15 sales figures

Apple is about to detail its revenue figures. The company announced its financial results conference for the last quarter of the day November 2. Apple does not share specific data regarding sales figures of the iPhone or any other device. But it’s your obligation to share your quarterly revenue publicly, and from there, we’ll be able to reveal how iPhone 15 sales are doing internationally.

Apple’s financial results in the fourth quarter of 2022 reflected the highest sales figures in its history. $42.6 billion in iPhone sales and $19.188 million in their services.

Source: i Padizate

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