Samsung introduced a new feature in its operating system OneUI 6 which now allows you to combat the downloading of third-party applications. The security solution provides owners galaxy Flexibility to enable or disable side loading of applications, thereby blocking unauthorized installation of applications.

Also called side loading, this is one of the advantages Androidas it allows access to apps that are not officially available on the Google Play Store or Samsung’s official store.

The thing is that applications from third-party sources can be dangerous and riddled with malware. Auto Blocker gives users the option to completely disable sideloading if they don’t need this feature. This in turn also protects against other social engineering attacks such as voice phishing, where attackers can convince people to install malicious apps.

Prahar Khanna / Digital Trends

In addition to the ability to disable side loading, Auto Blocker offers several additional controls, including the ability to enable application security checks to help detect and prevent malicious software from being installed via a USB cable. This can help protect users in situations where they have to use publicly accessible cables, such as at an airport charging station.

Additionally, Auto Blocker also updates Message Guard, Samsung’s security sandbox that prevents malicious code from accessing your phone’s files or interacting with your operating system. Message Guard was originally available for Google and Samsung apps, but now third party apps like whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and more.

Auto-lock should now be available on series devices Galaxy S23 updated to One UI 6 and then to the following mobile phones.

Source: Digital Trends

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